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Anthropologists' research shows that the hip
structure in humans changes with the onset of
walking on two legs. The mechanical needs of this
new posture brought with it the change of hip
muscles and waist angle. However, this change
occurred in different directions in the male and
female hip structure. The fact that estrogen
promotes lubrication in the hip area, and the
expansion of the bone structure to facilitate
pregnancy and childbirth led to the expansion of
the hips with women. Wide hips, symbolizing
feminity and fertility, have been preferred by men
in every period. Even for modern men, this archaic
symbol remains the reason for preference in
choosing a partner under consciousness. Based
on this, can we say that this physical feature
stands out in the evolutionary process with natural
selection, since women with large hips are more
fortunate to find a partner and become pregnant?
In other words, do women's hips grow steadily

over the last 50 thousand years when man
appeared on the stage of history? Theoretically
yes, but unfortunately we do not have the
measurements to support this. However, it is
certain that women will not wait another thousand
years to reach bigger hips. Because with aesthetic
surgery, it is now possible to have a bigger and
more shaped butt in a few hours. According to
American Aesthetic Surgery Association data,
since 2014, butt enlargement and lifting surgeries
are the fastest growing type of surgery among
aesthetic surgeries. The effects of popular culture
cannot be ignored in the emergence of this trend,
but it is not just a coincidence that all the
celebrities with their beautiful butt origin originated
in South America. The icon on this subject is
Shakira, but we can continue to count as Jennifer
Lopez, Eva Mendez, Rihanna. Interestingly, the
best butt estheticians in the world are also from
this region. Because the most demand is from
there again. Having introduced Brazilian Butt
terminology into literature, Dr. Luke Toledo
investigated the relationship between South
America and butt aesthetics. His theory is as

follows: Brazil is one of the countries where
slavery was last abolished (1888). Consequently,
African women with a thin body but a strong
buttocks have always been found in the middle,
and then they married the Portuguese to reveal
the preferred body type of Brazil. Brazilian women
without African origin have begun to want butt
enlargement to look like them. So how should a
nice butt be?
In butt aesthetics, the rates are very important, as
everywhere. Therefore, we do not evaluate the
butt alone. Thinness of the waist is an important
criterion that “presents” the butt. The main hero of
the history of the corset is not the waist, but the
butt. It is necessary to shape with a thick waist
variposuction and even abdominoplasty if

The desired hip shape resembles the letter A: hips
that open from a thin waist to the bottom.

Liposuction is used not only at the waist but also
to shape the lower parts. The angle of the waist
with the hip is also important: the narrower, the

more beautiful and upturned butt. It is possible to
change this angle determined by the bone
structure in two ways: Silicone butt implants or fat

The first silicone butt implant was made in 1965
with a breast prosthesis. Later, butt-specific
implants were developed. It is possible to enlarge
the butt at one time with silicone implants
according to the technique of fat injection, which
appeared later. However, there are not many
varieties in butt implants like the breast, and the
results obtained with the existing ones are
sometimes unnatural. More importantly, there are
more complications with silicone implants. These
include problems such as opening in the wound,
water collection, capsule contracture, infection,
asymmetry. The biggest handicap in fat injections
is the dissolution of some of the injected fats. A
second attempt may be required. While the rate of
complications is generally 21% with silicone
implants, it is around 9% in fat injections.
Therefore, it can be said that there is an evolution
in butt enlargement surgeries.

In overhanging butt, remedy stretching operations.
Since the abdomen is also sagging, the abdomen,
leg sides and butt can be stretched at the same
time with an all-round stretching operation called
360 lift. If the volume is to be increased, implants
and fat injection can be used. The biggest
problem of this surgery is the remaining scars.
However, the trace remains in the bikini line and
patients generally do not refrain from paying this
price for a good shape.

It is possible for sports to improve butt muscles
and give them a better appearance, but the
change achieved with squatting exercises remains
limited and does not affect other problems.

If you have not achieved evolution, the remedy is

Get healthy beauty, safe aesthetics with you.

Prof. Ferit Demirkan
Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine

Head of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic
Surgery Department


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